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70% of Americans are sports fans in some capacity. Are you one of them? If you don't already have a sports collection, now might be the time to start one!

Collecting sports memorabilia can be addictive. It's a lot of fun to find new and exciting items to add to your collection. But what do most people collect?

Let's talk about it. Read on to learn about some of the most popular categories of sports collectibles. 

Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are incredibly popular in the world of sports memorabilia. They're easy to collect, compact, and generally quite affordable for new collectors. They've also been around since the 1860s.

There are expensive cards (some are quite rare), but the average person can easily start a sports collection with "basic" packs of cards that won't cost them more than a few dollars. Once they know they enjoy these sports collectibles, they may end up seeking out higher-value cards.

You can also get signed baseball cards, which are higher-value. A card gets more special and coveted when the player signs it. Signed cards are great additions to any collection and look great either framed on the wall or in a binder with the rest of the cards. 

Baseball cards are often the first type of sports collectibles that someone will buy. You can also get football cards, but they're not quite as popular or well-known. This doesn't make them less valuable or worthwhile, but fewer people have them and they may be harder to trade if that's something you're interested in. 

Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys are also great additions to any sports collection. They also make fantastic gifts for any sports lovers in your life. 

Sports jerseys are available for almost any sport, almost any team, and almost any player (though you may have to do some searching if you have a particularly popular or unpopular team or player in mind).

While sports jerseys are sports collectibles, many people wear them just as they would any other jersey. It's not uncommon for people to wear them during important games as good luck! 

Other people prefer to treat their jerseys as though they were any other type of collectible. They may frame them or otherwise hang them up on display so they aren't at risk of getting damaged. 

You can also get jerseys with sports autographs. This makes them even more rare and special (and thus more expensive). It also makes them better gifts!

Framed Photos

Framed photos may not seem very exciting in a world where photography is so accessible, but there's something special about many framed photos that people will add to a sports collection. They tend to be signed by the players. 

Sports autographs on photos are incredibly popular and coveted by collectors, especially if the autographs are uncommon. 

Photos are the most versatile type of sports memorabilia items. Any sport can have framed photos associated with it. It's not like jerseys or equipment where there may or may not be items you can purchase (for example, you can't really buy a jersey if your sport of choice is boxing). 


Helmets aren't quite as popular as sports jerseys, but they also make fantastic gifts. If you or someone in your life loves sports collectibles, consider helmets as a new and interesting thing to add to the collection. 

Helmets are, of course, technically wearable, but the average collector doesn't wear them (except for a photo op from time to time). These are display items that look great on shelves.

You can also get your helmets signed. Wouldn't a signed football helmet make a great addition to your sports memorabilia room?  


Sports equipment is a broad category, and the type of equipment you can buy will vary wildly depending on the sport. Equipment is anything that a player would use during the sport itself aside from helmets or uniforms. 

This also means that this category has options for lovers of any sport. 

For example, someone who loves boxing may not find anything of interest in other categories, but they would likely love a set of boxing gloves.

You can buy baseball bats, mitts, various types of sports balls, and so much more. All of them can be signed as well, increasing their value. 

Equipment is a fantastic gift for a sports lover. Consider how special it would be to give someone a baseball that was autographed by their favorite player. It would have a special place in their collection for sure! 

Collectible Toys

Collectible sports-related toys are unexpected additions to many sports collections. They're often rare, vintage, and difficult to find in average toy stores. You can buy them with signatures on them to make them more valuable. 

For example, there may not be anything special about a Toyota replica car, but once you add a signature to it, it becomes a collector's item.

People who love sports but have no interest in showing off sports autographs and jerseys may love signed toys instead. They're more unique and there are countless options. 

What Will You Add to Your Sports Collection? 

These are some of the most popular types of collectibles that people add to a sports collection. What will you add to yours? Whether you love collecting traditional jerseys, cards, and autographs or you like to think outside of the box with collectible toys, any of these items can easily find a valued place in your collection.

If you're a collector or you know a collector, we've got what you're looking for. Check out our collections of fantastic sports collectibles today.

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