Best Autographed Sports Memorabilia You Could Own

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The sports memorabilia and trading cards market is in a massive boom. In 2023 alone, it is expected to reach a worth of $35 billion. By the year 2032, it could reach a monumental worth of $227.2 billion

Autographed sports memorabilia is a particularly interesting part of this hobby. Not only is it a historic part of sports history, but it is also a unique way to decorate your space. If you're a fan of sports collectibles and are looking to expand your collection, consider signed sports memorabilia as an option. 

There are many different types of autographed sports memorabilia that you can choose from depending on your area of interest and your budget. Keep reading this blog post below to find out more about some of the best sports memorabilia you can own.

Autographed Jerseys

Signed jerseys encompass a wide range of sports, from hockey to basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. They are a great way to represent your favorite players from your teams. Autographed sports memorabilia like jerseys make wonderful gifts for the dedicated sports fan in your life.

You can frame your jerseys and hang them on the wall to highlight your office, study, or man cave in your personal sports style. These jerseys can even go up in value over time due to a team's recent win or the death of a player, like the 2007-2008 Kobe Bryant MVP jersey, which recently sold for $5.8 million at auction.

Autographed Photos

A picture's worth a thousand words, so why not add a signature to it and make it even more bragworthy? You can find signed photos across a variety of different sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, football, and even UFC, boxing, and wrestling. 

A framed and signed photo is the standard in autographed sports memorabilia. It can easily hang on the wall and tie the whole room together, especially if you're designing a team-themed room. These items are easier to find online and can even be obtained through special team or player signing events.

Signed Balls and Pucks

Autographed sports memorabilia items like signed baseballs have been the cornerstone of sports lore since it began. The classic movie The Sandlot centered around the story of a signed baseball autographed by none other than Babe Ruth. They are truly collector's items.

You can also find items like signed pucks from your favorite NHL teams. Pucks make fun and interesting decor items. They can make excellent gift ideas for avid NHL fans looking to add to their collection without taking up too much space.

Signed Bats and Sticks

In the same vein as the signed baseball and puck categories, signed baseball bats and hockey sticks also make autographed sports memorabilia. The sticks and bats are long and thin, which means they provide a distinct decorating style. You can line your rooms of choice with hockey sticks and or baseball bats displayed horizontally or vertically. 

You can also pair signed baseballs up next to autographed baseball bats or signed hockey sticks with the signed pucks of their corresponding teams or players. This will give your autographed sports memorabilia collection an added coordinating effect. 

Autographed Helmets

Helmets are less frequently collected types of autographed sports memorabilia because of their size and shape constraints. But if you're searching for something out of the norm to add to your sports collectibles stash, full-sized autographed helmets can be an interesting and distinctive sports memorabilia item to collect. 

You should always protect your helmets with the proper display cases. This will keep them from getting damaged and losing value. 

You can also find autographed mini helmets. These smaller pieces of sports memorabilia are more friendly to those with limited space. It's much easier to display them on wall shelves or on your desk.

Signed Funkos and Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have been a sports collectible staple for collectors since their creation in the 1960s. Funko Pop figures, on the other hand, are a newer type of sports memorabilia that have just come about in the last two decades.

Funkos take a page out of the bobblehead book and some of them do indeed bobble. Funko Pops are vinyl figures that take on a cartoony look that vaguely mimics the likeness of the person they represent, so they aren't as detailed. They are more modern pop culture types of collectibles and there are many different sports-themed ones to collect. 

Many individuals now take their Funkos and bobbleheads to autograph signings as a quirky addition to their sports collectibles. Both types of autographed sports memorabilia give sports fans young and old collectible figures.

Autographed Sports Cards

Autographed sports trading cards are another tried and true mainstay of the sports memorabilia universe. They have been around since the 1860s.

They were once given out at baseball games to fans as a souvenir. They even came in a pack of bubblegum. Sports cards were a fun way for kids to collect and trade their favorite teams and players. 

Now adults have joined in on the fun and excitement of collecting sports cards across all the different types of sports. You can find specially autographed cards in boxes of sport card sets and packs or search for specific ones online. You may stumble onto a truly rare autographed sports memorabilia card. 

Autographed Game-Used Memorabilia 

Game-used memorabilia is another way you can show your dedication to your favorite teams, while also owning a piece of sports history. These are items that have been worn by actual players during real gameplay. Jerseys are the most common items, but you can also buy autographed sports memorabilia like bats, cleats, shoes, hockey sticks, gloves, balls, and more.

Buying game-used memorabilia is ideal because you have the very blood, sweat, and tears of the players infused into these items. They're also a phenomenal focal point in the room. They offer a fascinating topic of discussion among fellow sports enthusiasts.

They can also be quite valuable. An iconic pair of Air Jordan 13s worn by Michael Jordan during the NBA finals in 1998 could sell for anywhere between $2-$4 million dollars at an upcoming Sotheby's auction.  

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