How to Sell Autographed Memorabilia from your Favorite Sports

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Some people's most prized possessions are autographed sports memorabilia they might have been gifted or purchased at a sporting event. Sports memorabilia includes a wide range of items, from signed jerseys to balls and much more. These prized possessions are not just full of sentimental value; they are also full of monetary value. Their economic value is significant because there may come a time when the owner or their loved ones choose to sell sports memorabilia.

Why You Should Sell Your Sports Memorabilia

There are many reasons these possessions are sold, including that the original owner decides to sell an item because they need the money desperately or they have passed away, and a loved one sells what they left behind so that someone else can appreciate these prized possessions.

How to Sell Sports Memorabilia

No matter the reason for selling sports memorabilia, it often takes more than posting them online to make a sale. Owners must take a few steps to pass on or sell sports memorabilia correctly. If you want to know how to sell sports memorabilia, especially those featuring autographs, the owner or loved one must adequately prepare to pass on the item, authenticate or grade, and cosign or self-sell.


Whether you are selling your own memorabilia or are a loved one, you must adequately prepare to do so. Sports memorabilia owners who do not plan on selling their items while alive will require an additional step. It is vital to formulate a plan for loved ones who will sell them once you are gone. It is necessary to ensure your loved ones know what to do with your memorabilia or how to sell it. Whether you want them to preserve the items or are comfortable with them selling the items, they may only know their value if you provide a guide. A guide on selling sports memorabilia can be in the form of a legal will or a less formal method. It can include whether or not the items will be left to loved ones or detailed information on reputable dealers for whom to sell them.

Authentication and Grading

Once you have a good plan in place and understand the where, what, and how of selling your sports memorabilia, you will need to authenticate or grade the items. Doing this increases the value of your items, and buyers are more inclined to purchase them from you. For example, those with a signed basketball jersey or other sports gear should have them authenticated to prove the signature is legitimate. Owners should grade items like baseball cards or other collector's items to determine their value. There are many resources for authenticating and grading sports memorabilia through a third-party service or auction houses that will depend on your location.

Cosign Your Sports Memorabilia

After preparing and legitimizing your items, you must decide if you plan to sell to a dealer or attempt to sell on your own using an online platform. The determining factors when making this decision are how much money you want to make and how quickly you want that money.

Cosigning your memorabilia to a dealer will often be more manageable and quicker. Owners can do it in bulk, but you might make less money than you would if you self-sell. However, those with extensive high-value collections like Hall of Fame autographs or vintage trading cards would benefit from selling to a well-established company specializing in sports memorabilia, such as an auction house.

Self-Sell Your Sports Memorabilia

Suppose you decide to self-sell instead of cosigning your collection to an auction house. In that case, there are various resources and online platforms that you can do so on. These platforms include sites like eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and more. Whichever platform you choose, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you get the best possible deal that includes:

  • A definitive title of the item(s)
  • High-quality individual pictures
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Condition of the item(s)
  • Authentication or grading citations

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