Best Type of Signed Sports Memorabilia

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Looking to get into sports memorabilia collecting? Not quite sure where to get started? This is the article for you. 

Below, we're going to discuss all types of signed memorabilia in the sports world. This will show you just what's available to you. Here are the best types of autographed sports items. 


Regardless of the sport you're interested in, there are countless jerseys for you to consider. These run the gamut from game-worn jerseys to replica jerseys to autographed jerseys and more. 

You can find home and away jerseys, alternate jerseys, all-star game jerseys, and special event jerseys, to name just a few. These are available for most sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and soccer. 


Helmets are worn in baseball, football, and hockey, not to mention auto racing. They're some of the most sought-after pieces of sports memorabilia, as they're expensive to make and have a great deal of personality. 

You can find both game-worn and replica helmets, some of which are autographed and some of which aren't. These come in all manner of conditions. They're generally some of the most expensive pieces to add to a sports memorabilia collection. 


If you're into displaying sports memorabilia, you should add some signed balls to your sports memorabilia collection.

There are footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, golf balls, tennis balls, and more. You can also find signed hockey pucks. 


Signed photographs are popular in the sports memorabilia world as well. These come in all shapes and sizes and often include high-quality frames. 

You can find autographed photographs of all popular sports teams. So, whether you're a fan of the Cleveland Browns, the New York Rangers, the San Francisco Giants, or otherwise, you can be accommodated. 


Game-worn shoes, skates, and cleats can be great to add to a sports memorabilia collection as well. This footwear is available for essentially every sport, and from any player that you can imagine. 

Many times, these shoes, cleats, and skates will have been signed by these players themselves. In fact, pieces of footwear are some of the most coveted autographed sports items. 

Trading Cards

The last piece of sports memorabilia we're going to discuss is trading cards. There are trading cards available for essentially every sport in existence, from baseball to basketball to football to golf and more. 

Collecting cards serves as a hobby to many, whether collectors buy them individually or in packs. You can find all sorts of autographed cards, the likes of which are usually worth a pretty penny. 

Looking to Purchase Signed Memorabilia? 

There is no shortage of signed memorabilia in the world of sports. From hats to helmets to jerseys to balls and more, there is plenty out there to help fill up your collection. 

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