Where to Find Hidden Sports Memorabilia Gems

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It can be difficult going through traditional channels to find the authentic signed sports memorabilia you’re looking for. Some collectors overcharge patrons, while others just don’t have a good enough selection to meet your needs. This can lead to hunters shopping around in some unusual places to try and find that elusive baseball card or signed hockey puck. While we of course want you to shop the great selection of autographed jerseys, balls, and other memorabilia here at Sports Integrity, we know sometimes you’ll go elsewhere to find those hidden gems. Below you’ll find some of the most common places to search for sports items. Once you’re done there, be sure to browse the great selection we have for you!

Garage Sales 

The hidden gems at garage sales are almost unparalleled. Some people are so eager to clean out their garage or get rid of those old boxes in the basement that they may forget to scour through them and see what’s there. People might be selling whole boxes of unsorted baseball cards for pennies on the dollar, while you might see a poster with an unidentified autograph on a table for a couple of bucks. You never know what someone might not realize they have, so keep a keen eye over the garage sale tables.

Thrift Stores

Similar to garage sales, sometimes thrift stores are holding on to hidden gems and unseen valuables of the sports memorabilia variety. Not only do people sometimes have a disregard for their signed equipment and items, but they sometimes forget they own it altogether. Whether a signed basketball jersey was packed away amongst old little league uniforms or an autographed football was tucked away with the deflated pigskins, they may find their way to the shelves of places like Goodwill, so be on the lookout!

Your Attic

Remember that huge collection of baseball cards you don’t at all remember putting together? What about the mini baseball helmet you had signed by a minor leaguer at a Double A baseball game when you were growing up? Yeah, that guy ended up being Rookie of the Year not long after, and you probably forgot all about it. The beauty of going through your old boxes of belongings is that you may rediscover things you completely forgot existed. Not only will you encounter a feeling of nostalgia, but it might bring with it a valuable piece of signed sports gear you never imagined owning.

Here at Sports Integrity, we understand what signed sports gear and autographed memorabilia can mean to fans. Whether it means finishing a collection they’ve been working on for years or reviving their love for a team, certain items can make all the difference. If you feel like looking in some of the unique places we’ve mentioned aren’t your style, then shop the wide variety of items here at Sports Integrity. From signed hockey sticks to autographed jersey numbers, we are sure to have something for nearly every sports fan. Grab your favorite piece today!

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