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Here at Sports Integrity, it’s obvious that we love everything sports memorabilia. From autographed hockey jerseys to signed baseballs, you will find it extremely difficult to find something that the sports fan in your life won’t love. There are some rabid collectors, though, who seem to have everything. Maybe they finally stumbled upon that autographed basketball they had been searching for for years. Perhaps they found a baseball card at a garage sale that finally completed their collection of the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks cards. It’s hard shopping for the sports fan who has everything, so today we have some ideas for unique sports memorabilia gifts to get for that hard to shop for family member. Be sure to browse our fine selection of autographed sports memorabilia here at Sports Integrity!

Newspaper Clippings

Some events are monumental and will live in the memories of sports fans for decades to come. The Cubs winning the 2016 World Series and ending a 108 year championship drought is a prime example of this. The newspapers that ran the following morning are now just as much a piece of history as the reel of that amazing Game Seven, one that included everything from extra innings to rain delays. Giving a fan the hard-to-come-by newspaper clippings of legendary sporting events gives them new items to add to their collections. Whether under glass in a display case or framed in the foyer for all of your guests to see, autographed or in its original state, these memories are in print and will last for a long time.

Misprinted Newspapers

Remember “Dewey Defeats Truman?” Sometimes, the initial outlook of a sporting event can cause papers to write a headline and send the copy to print before the clock hits triple zeros. However, it isn’t uncommon to see these headlines overturned by the end of the game, much like the 2017 Super Bowl when Tom Brady and the Patriots mounted an improbable comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Instead of “A Bitter End,” the Patriots were plastered across newspapers as six-time world champions. These misprinted newspapers make some of the finest sports memorabilia because of the story behind them. Not only do they represent a misstep, but they bring with them the nostalgia of an amazing moment in sports. Adding a misprinted newspaper to a sports fanatic’s collection and watch it become their favorite piece.

Unique sports memorabilia and autographed equipment is something every man, woman, and child can appreciate if they are a sports fan. It can be difficult finding the perfect option for the fans who have everything or locating the one piece that will fill out a display. Here at Sports Integrity, we aim to make every sport fanatic’s collection complete. Whether you have a specific player’s autographed equipment in mind or you just want to find a unique and exciting piece of memorabilia to surprise that special someone with, we have the items you need. Browse our selection and grab your favorite items before they’re gone!

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