The Most Expensive Sports Collectibles Ever Sold

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The sports world continue to capture the hearts and minds of people around the world, and being able to own a piece of one of the greats is an honor. Sports Integrity sells the best sports collectibles and memorabilia online, and while we've seen some amazing items come through our store since we opened, we're amazed at some of the items that have gone up on the auction block over the years and sold at multi-million dollar prices. Big names still fetch the biggest prices, and items from memorable events are the most popular.

Setting the record for most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold is Babe Ruth's jersey from the 1920’s. It's the oldest known jersey of The Bambino's still in existence, and an anonymous buyer paid $4.4 million for it in 2012. Many Ruth items rank among the most expensive sports collectibles ever sold. The bat from his first home run at Yankee's Stadium sold for $1.2 million, and another jersey from 1932 sold for $940,000. Ruth continues to hold a big place in the hearts of Americans, and anything associated with him still does very well on the market.

Historical documents from the world of sports can fetch a high price, too. The Founding Rules of Basketball, written by James Naismith in 1891, is the second most expensive sports collectible ever sold, coming in at $4.3 million. A soccer rule book from 1859 sold for $1.4 million. Babe Ruth's typewritten contract with the Red Sox in 1919 sold for $996,000. These items help us track and connect with the history of our favorite sports, giving us a peek into the creation and business side of our favorite events in sports history.

Many sports collectible enthusiasts are still holding on to their dusty boxes of baseball cards--and with good reason. Many of these cards are still traded on the market for big money. If you are lucky enough to have Honus wager's baseball card from 1909, you'll be happy to know that one seller got $2.8 million for theirs. Hank Aaron's rookie card from 1954 is another one you'll want to check your collection for, since it was sold for over $500,000. At $432,690, a 1955 Roberto Clemente rookie card isn't far behind.

We have our own big ticket items at Sports Integrity. One of the most expensive items in our online store is a Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle Yankees duel signed American league baseball. This item includes a PSA/DNA hologram and a letter of authenticity, so you know you're getting a truly one-of-a-kind item. It is currently priced at $5,850, and we ship anywhere in the United States for free. Of course, we offer plenty of other items for the sports enthusiast in your life, so be sure to check out our selection today.

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