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Did Your Team Make it to the Playoffs?

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January is now here, which means that professional football playoffs are well underway. Your team might have made it to the postseason, or they might be sitting at home watching the other teams battle for the championship. Whatever the case may be, Sports Integrity has autographed football memorabilia for every fan. If you’re looking for signed jerseys, helmets, and other sports memorabilia autographed collectibles to add to your trophy case, then look through our selection today!

Narrow Victories and Crushing Defeats

The playoffs are always an exciting time for any football fan, especially if your team makes it. The games mean a lot more during this time of year, and there have already been some narrow victories and some crushing defeats. If you’re a Chicago Bears fan and you sat dumbstruck as the ball bounced off the upright during the Wild Card game against the Eagles, then you might be looking for a way to move on from that crushing defeat. If you’re a New England Patriots fan, then you were likely excited as they beat the Chargers to reach another conference championship game. Whichever team is your favorite, there’s nothing you love more than both the close calls and the blowouts that can occur in the postseason.

Getting Ready for Next Season

If your team didn’t make the playoffs, then you might still be watching the games, but what you’re really ready for is next season to start. While you’ll have to wait a few months, you can start looking up players and coaches who will be joining your favorite team. Some teams, like the Denver Broncos, have already hired a new head coach, while other teams are still searching for the right guy. You might agree or disagree with the team’s decision, but above all, you’ll be loyal to your team and cheer them on during every game.

Adding to Your Collection

One thing that you might do during the playoffs and the offseason is add to your collection of football memorabilia. If your team won their conference, then you might go in search of a t-shirt or hat that commemorates their accomplishments. If they win it all, then you jump online right away and order that championship jersey or football to add to your display case. No one can accuse you of being a fair weather fan, and if you’re looking for signed collectibles, then we’d love to help you find the perfect items. We’re always adding new items, and once a new champ is crowned, we’ll have signed collectibles including footballs, photos, jerseys, and more!

If your team made the playoffs, then we hope that they continue to do well and that you can cheer for them for a few more weeks. If your team is already out of the running, then you can continue to show your support for them and get ready for next season with new collectibles and memorabilia. If you have questions about anything in our autographed sports memorabilia catalog, then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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