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The World Cup Has Returned!

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You’ve waited four long years, but the FIFA Men’s World Cup has finally returned! For soccer fans, the World Cup is the ultimate competition, pitting teams from around the world against each other for the greatest prize, as well as bragging rights for the next four years.

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Show Your Loyalty

While soccer isn’t the most popular sport in the United States, there’s no overstating how popular it is around the world. If you’re from another country, or if you have friends or relatives who live elsewhere in the world, then your loyalties may lie with a certain team that’s competing in this year’s World Cup. Perhaps you’re from Argentina and you’re cheering for Lionel Messi and his teammates to bring home the country’s third world championship. Maybe you’re hoping that Germany will repeat as champions following their nail-biting win in Brazil in 2014. Wherever your loyalty lies, there’s no doubt that you’ll be seated firmly in front of the TV every time your team plays.

Celebrating the History of the World Cup

2018 marks the 21st occurrence of the World Cup, with eight teams having won the previous 20 competitions. Brazil, with five titles, has won the most, and perhaps no one player is more well known and more beloved than Pelé. Pelé played in the World Cup three times, and anyone who has ever studied soccer history is likely familiar with his trademark bicycle kick.

Germany and Italy have each won the Cup four times, and both have played historic matches that have cemented their places in the annals of soccer lore. Argentina and Uruguay have won the title twice, and England, France, and Spain have each taken home the trophy once. With fierce competition from around the world, this year’s Cup is shaping up to be another historic tournament that fans won’t soon forget.

The Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup also takes place every four years, with the next tournament scheduled for 2019 in France. The United States Women’s Team has won three titles, so if you’re watching the Men’s tournament this year, but you’re really excited for the Women’s Cup, then you won’t have to wait too long. The U.S. hasn’t qualified as of yet, but there’s still plenty of time for them to get into the tournament.

Soccer is the sport of choice around the world, with everyone from young children to senior citizens playing and enjoying the game. The World Cup attracts hundreds of thousands of fans every four years, as well as billions of viewers across the globe, and Sports Integrity is proud to offer a great selection of autographed soccer collectibles.

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